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    Hy u mighty barbs out there,

    i just began yesterday, after a long break, to play my barb again. I started ACT1, was faceroll as before. Act 2 the same, so i started to farm Act 3. But Act 3 is still pretty hard for my lonesome barb... this is my profile btw: (sorry, cant post links...)
    perhaps this is some gear with too much MF, i know.

    But can u give me some general tips? I tried out the tornado-barb-skill, but i really dont like it. Dont make me feel im a barbarian... so what do u think? What can i improve in gear and in skill?

    Thank u for ur help in advance!
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    I would definately say that you need more strength and a bit more resistance. Maybe also a stronger weapon. Else than that i am not sure.
    In terms of skills, i am using this setup as it works great for me.
    Frenzy - Sidearm
    WotB - Insanity
    War Cry - Impunity
    Battlerage - Marauders Rage
    Revenge - Provocation
    Ignore Pain - Iron Hide

    It gives alot of protection and healing for me, as i don't have much LoH.
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    WOW!!!! Did you really kill Diablo with this gear? You should be commended!!!

    You've got lots of things to do: You barely have enough DPS to farm ACT2, which is because you lack enough strength and crit chance, so those are the first things to build up. Basically, you are a survivor, melee barbarian who is happy to stand and take damage, with the occasional time to kite a bit. You could try my favorite combination for that: Frenzy (whatever) :: Rend :: Revenge and then fill in with skills that fit your personal style best.
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    i killed him with far worse gear ^^ the fight took me quite some time... but he went down in firsttry... ghom was way harder to kill than diablo.

    thanks for ur advices. so u think i should aim for more crit-chance. I have another weap with ~950 dps and socket, but no LoH.

    Are there some items out there u really recommend? i usually set my max-buyout to 200k, cause i rly dont have that much (~4 mil).
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    Here are my stats as a sword+board barb that can easily farm all of Act 3:

    With battle rage active I'm at 39k dps, which is not amazing but plenty to farm act 3 and essentially never die. I've never bothered with either LoH or lifesteal, because as a tank my goal has always been to have enough mitigation to just not worry about my health. It works, but only because of the awesomeness of revenge.

    One thing that is often overlooked when people are building a tank barb is block chance. I recommend looking for a decent helm of command, and eventually replacing your shield for one with higher block (although that can get quite expensive). More strength and more resistances will also help, but don't forget about block.
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    thanks for your advices again.
    I managed to swap some gear yesterday and i think, this is way better than before.

    The tip with rend was awesome, but just in addition with battle rage it's worth it. i think that was my fault, picking WotB instead of battle rage. what do u think now of my gear?
    i lost a lot on LoH, but i still can manage most of the packs.

    do you have any other suggestions?
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    I think you're on the right track! As you get more gold, I'd work on building up that strength stat (you can sacrifice a bit of vitality). I know it's not sexy, but strength is the most important multiplier we have and it's relatively easy to get. Keep looking in the AH for main hand weapons (my own Echoing Fury is very pricey, but others like it can be found, and they only get cheaper in time). Feel free to build up the LoH again, it can be very comforting to know that's working. Good Luck!!!
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    my biggest concern first was loosing so much MF... i really love the feeling of getting more lucky with MF... but it still drops shit

    u think i have to get a better weap? i really wanna change my helmet to a one with a socket for the exp-bonus. and what about my mate? i go with the enchantress right now. is the templar better?
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    I think a weapon with crit hit damage (and while your at it strength) can't hurt, but you'll want the LoH elsewhere. The helm is probably an easy upgrade; you don't need a life gem there, so yes exp or MF there is good. From what I understand, MF increases the number but not the quality of legendary vs rare vs magic drops (you get more of the better type), and it increases the chance of the number of stats being more. But it doesn't mean that when a drop occurs the item itself will be better than it otherwise would be --- and in my personal experience, it will never, ever be anything you personally can use --- lol. Stick with the enchantress --- I like my build for her, but most people take the attack speed bonus. BTW, don't skimp on her vitality --- you always have her buffs (alive or dead), but when she dies you lose her active crowd control casts --- which are significant.
  • #11 what magic find is about.. is good to have but if u can't survive the fight... magic find will be useless.

    For weapon it does not have to possess high dps... a dps of 800+ sword with 200+ str is also good but it must have a slot =).
    u should select gear with a high primary stats (str or vit). Easiler to upgrade.
    Belt and shoulder must have 200+ str. chest and pants abt 200+ vit with slots. the rest of the gear is up to u choose.
    Bracer must have at least 5.0 - 6.0 critical chance as there are no other good stats in them to choose.
    Block chance is impt also... 36% is a decent value to begin with.
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    Definetly keep improving your dps now, while keeping or increasing your defenses. I would say 1st thing to improve is your shield. Ive got mine for 3 mil, not sure how much gold u got but with 250 str 130 vit 12% life and 9.5 crit, it was worth every coin. Try to look for something similar just make sure it has nice block%.
    If you have trouble surviving you should go Frenzy sidearm, Charge with dreadnaught. Leap Iron impact, Revenge, WotB and war cry.
    If you are not dying, play whatever build you enjoy or has more dps. For now LoH is very nice, but once you got enough dps (50k+) you might want some lifesteal with Rend if you will be using it.
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    sorry guys, still can't post any links...
    yesterday i managed to get some decent upgrades (shield, chest) what do u think about that? i also switched my pants, but now i'm really low on HP i think...
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    tornado build is the only way to go
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    Link is here

    Shield is good, as previously suggested replace your weapon with one that has crit damage on or a socket for an emerald. Or ideally both crit damage and a socket.
    You can get crit chance higher by replacing helm / amulet / bracers to make the crit damage you have work better.
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    so i was playing now again for 3 days and really love the build, but i have the feeling, that im grinding very slow.
    I tried the tornado-build weeks ago but was really struggeling. Perhaps if u wanna play ww-barb i have to practice more the skill and adjust my gear.
    But can't help myself... the last 3 days i was thinking, that with the tornado-build i would grind much faster and level my paragon faster...

    What are your thoughts? trying again the tornado-build or just continue with sword&board? is there any guide out there which really helps playing that skill? i saw a few, but i struggled in excecution. especially i felt so weak that any bluepack could kill me if i was not always attentive.

    I really like your advices and hope, you guys can help me again
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    Hey there!

    Just wanted to give you some of my thoughts about WW/Tornado build. I did use the build for some time.. i did like it first, soon as i got my stats like they are suppose to be. You just need high crit chance to keep fury up (i had 40% with ruthless and weapons master passives). Also you need either high life on hit or life steal. I had both pretty high but my all res was so low that i got killed on elemental damage pretty often and i personally hate dying. Anyways i was farming act3 pretty fast with about 40k dps. Still i didnt feel that the build was for me. Maybe with high dps and high defensive stats it can be fun if you can just storm everything to death and you never die. But there is also patch coming and they are nerfing tornados so you need even better gear to do that. And.. also it depends do you play alone or with a friend. Solo playing you can try to keep WotB up and run like maniac but its not fun if you have a friend with you. I play now with a friend almost all the time so i changed my build and i think this is very effective and fun to play if you have high crit chance.. here's me if you want to check out the build and my gear:

    Im still pretty low on all res but i really never die except for some insane affixes and if i make mistakes. I can spam seismic slam almost continuosly because i get fury from crits and slam also works nice with life steal. Though you need +50k dps to use life steal effectly. So im basically semi-ranged now. But i love the build and can just slam everything to death very fast and avoid elemental damage and hard hitting monsters. Instead of leap i sometimes use sprint or furious charge. Just wanted to give you one option thats all.. Take care and i wish you the best luck! Peace! :)

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    stick to a build that u prefer and practice on it. U need to have a good idea on how to react on different type affix combo.

    WW must have at least 40% critical chance, 1500+ LOH and critical dmg of 240% with star emerald stone on each weapon to begin with.
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    So i switched this we to the WW-build and i'm amazed. although i died sometimes (affixes like plagued, jailer, molten...) i really like this build. can't tell for sure, but i think i'm way faster running through act3. I think, i'll farm paragon-level till the patch hits and then we'll see. I still have my shield in the bank.
    now i found a 2h with >1,3k dps and wonder, if i should try the merciless assult build. I know, my CC is not that high atm (~37%) but WW works for me. I think i have to get more CC now, or what do u think?
    this is my barb for now:
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    What stats are on the 2h you found? Does it have crit damage/socket?

    That's some nice IK chest armour you have - did you buy it or find it?
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    i was lucky and found it :) the 2h has >200 str and ~150CD, but no socket. and i forgot a huge load of LoH, think ~1,5k
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