Weapon Throw Barbarian Video Commentary

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    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to share my new Red Team Gaming Weapon Throw Barbarian video commentary with all you Diablo 3 Fans players. This video covers my WT Barb skills/passives, gear, stats, follower, and game play. I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable if you are looking to build your own WT Barbarian. It's a great build and tons of fun to play. Thanks for watching.

    Enjoy and leave any questions or thoughts in the comments!
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    Sibcoe, I always wasnt keen on the whole Throwing Barb thing and after spending a lot, trying various builds and regretting the spend and not enjoying the play styles in general, I finally decided to give this a try.

    I have to say, I'm enjoying every second of it so thank you for this guide and insight.

    I built a slight variation of the build however with Sprint instead of Ignore Pain and loving it.

    Thanks again and keep this updated when or where possible.
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    very interesting build
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