WW Barb Questions (Help Please)

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    Hey guys, I am looking to build a WW Barb but I have a few questions first.


    1. Right now I have a great Monk who can farm all of Inferno. In order to build a Uber Barb, I'll have to sell his gear. Is a WW Barb better/more fun/cheaper than a Monk? (Personal opinion allowed)

    2. What are WW Barbs strengths and weaknesses?


    3. Weapons? What type and what stats? I know crit dmg, strength are must. But what else should I be looking for? Any specific items would be great. (Looking at no more than 160mil total)

    4. LoH and/or Life steal. Which is better and how much do I need? I know for Monk LoH is great and my Monk has 2k LoH which makes him able to tank plagued and molten without moving. Just wondering how that compares to Barbs and how often it procs with WW.

    5. How much All Resist and defense do I need? I don't want to waste money stacking too much since resist, at a point, becomes not worth the return.

    6. How much VIT/HP and STR/DMG do I need to farm Act 3 Inferno efficiently?

    Any other thoughts and opinion are more than welcome.

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    dont sell ur monk gear..... just dont :(

    if their is one thing i miss atm its having more than 1 char that can face roll a3

    the advantages of a ww barb are:
    godly tanking
    spin2win mentality
    imo low gear requirements (got a friend through a4 inferno without much problems with an 18 mill budget

    the weaknesses are:
    the fury management can be a pain
    single target is meh

    just started a game of HoN. ill finish this later
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    the problem is, I cant afford two chars that can face roll. I know my monk can but its a bit slow as he is more about surviving. I also want to try something different. but, I think I can sell my monk weapons and buy cheaper replacements to get some gold to build my Barb. Selling both of his weapons would get me 200-300 million. Could buy cheaper weapons for my monk and use the rest to build my barb. But finding fist weapons with high dmg and high LoH are rare to come buy.

    My Monk BTW: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ScyberDragon-1275/hero/21623733 (Missing his two inna pieces and legendary bracers that my brother is currently borrowing to farm)

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    Hello, before answer your questions as good as I can I must say that you can clear whole Inferno with a WW Barb with a relatively low budget, then maybe you can lvl up a Barb and gear it without selling your Monk. This way you can continue using your Monk and also you have a Barb.

    1-I think that with enough player skill using the WW build and playing with the enviroment in your favour and not insane amounts of gold a WW Barb with relatively low stats can be very explosive.

    2-You can kill almost everything without problems, but maybe with a medium gear you have some troubles in Act 3 in parts like the quest Machines of War, Heralds can be annoying and also the final part of Act 3, Heart of Sin, with the fucking Ocultists, also can be frustrating sometimes and in Act 4 and you have a little problems, but remember this is with a medium gear. In brief WW is a little weak versus ranged minions that have a fast movement speed, Spearmans, Blood clan ocultists etc...

    3-For main hand axe/mace is a totally must for the 10% crit from Weapons Master, more crit more strong comes crit dmg. For off hand, the fastest, the better but remember a very good mace is also a viable option but not the best. When I start playing a WW build I have arround 20M and the only offhand with very good stats that I can afford was a Mace and I clear whole Inferno with 2xMaces without any problem.

    4-Both are great, the choice depends on your output dps, but even with huge dps loh is a good choice for me.

    5-This also depend on your skill, if you romp in all the pools of crap like plagued or molten you die fast, but if you are good avoiding it (for me a good player must avoid most of the damage from ground) with 650/750 also depends on your loh/ll and max hp. My advice is that you should start maybe with 1.2k loh + 38/40k hp and tune it to your playstyle. Some players need more loh, others need more hp etc etc.

    6-Again this can have many valid answers, but with a WW build I can do fine with 1500 str + 38k hp + 650 @ res + 1200 loh + 45k dps selfbuffed. Remember these are approximately the stats that I have when I start to farm Act 3 efficiently.

    Hope that this post help you a little.

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    Level a barb and gear him good enough to run act1. See if you like it and then consider selling your monk stuff.

    I made it this way.
    At the beginning the build was not so popular so I could not check with others. I both some cheap gear with crit % to see how it handles act1, I like it and farmed some more with my DH to gear my barb. I didn't even bothered finishing the game with the DH after I got my barb geared enough to run act3 - it was that addictive.
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    Hi !

    First of all, your monk gear is impressive, If it was me, I would really dislike to sell it all, I would prefer to start with nothing or a few million of gold to start to equip my WW Barb, I have 7 lvl 60 characters, and I don't want to see any of them naked =D
    But it's also true that you can only maximise the stuff of 1 character (same for paragon leveling)

    So for your questions =
    1. WW barb is lot of fun, and I think it's more fun than a monk, but it's not about the farming but more the gameplay. You may know that already if you tried to play a barbarian in inferno yet, if you didn't like it, then you should stay on your monk =)
    Also I don't think it's cheaper to equip, I think it's the same thing as you need the same stats (Main DPS stat + Vit + all rest + Crit chance + Crit dmg + LoH)

    2. Strenghts : Speed run / Farming pack efficiency - Weaknesses = Fury generation to manage (it's can kill you really quick if you'r not doing it right) / Less efficient for single target or small champion pack without trash mobs around

    3. High DPS main hand, with socket / Average DPS off hand, fast, with lot of LoH and Crit dmg + socket
    (like said before for your main hand, you'll need an axe or a mace for the passive talent and the free +10% crit chance)

    4. I was using LoH first, like most of people, now that I'm using Sever as an off hand and that I have a good DPS making big numbers, I'm doing fine without LoH and just 3% Life Steal on my belt.

    5. No limit to all resist, you'll need the +50% all resist talent anyway. I was at ~400only at start (without the buff) and it was not that bad, you just have to focus on moving all the time in order to avoid most of the damage.

    6. I'm at 35k hp and farming AIII without problems, but I was at 50k before and It was more safe, seems to be a fair number.
    The more STR you have, the more quick they die, the more easy for you it is, I won't go below 1400 STR I think

    WW barb is for me the best PvE build so far =)
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    haha the vile ward on your monk is actually worse than rare shoulders, just saying ^^ epic weapons though.

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    Yeah, got the vile ward really cheap and use it purely for the resist since I'm stacking physical.

    Was wondering, are rare weapons better choice than the two legendary options for axes?Would love to get the two bul weapons but since they are both mighty weapons...

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    Mighty weapons are not that bad for fury generation, but you'll need a lot of Crit chance on your armor for compensation :)
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    Monks now get a overcap 10% passive so your looking at 35 % run speed vs the barbs 65%

    The barb is still faster because he can damage stuff while moving, when I'm running it anything that can keep up gets kitted to the next pack and killed together.

    the entry point for me in act 3 was
    600 all res
    5k ac
    1400 loh
    30k hp
    30k dps

    I was able to clear all packs at this point, little slow some deaths to stupidity some kitting with torando.

    you can drop the extra loh the higher your mitigation

    As far as weapons a mighty weapon reduces the crit requirement as your gaining rage from hits which is a smoother run but less dmg.

    There are points where your rage starved and can't sprint around and whirl which you really need to be doing or you will get surrounded and go splat.
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    The no fury is so annoying. I just got a barb this weekend too. I have a wiz that can clear act 3. I'm not stripping it to gear the barb though. I'm building the barb from scratch. I think you should keep the monk. Unless you're really really devoted to the barb.
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    I made a Barb and am leveling him to 60, I bought gear for him for less than 300k gold. But I didn't prioritize Strength, so most of the pieces don't have Strength. Would that be a problem? I have enough Vit/Resist/Aspd/Crit/LoH, it's just some Strength that's missing...

    Would that be a problem? Should I try and sell the pieces without Strength and try to replace them? Or will they be overtly expensive since they'd have Str/Vit/Resist?

    (For the Helm socket, should I use a Ruby or an Amethyst? I think Ruby might be best for Paragon exp, since Ruby only affects monster kill exp, and that's pretty much the only way to get Paragon exp.)
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    Agree with the first guy - don't sell your monk's gear. The reason you're bored with the monk isn't the class but not having other options. If you only have one viable character you'll get bored with it no matter what.

    I can't answer the more in-depth questions because I only played WW for a few nights after hitting 60. But I have plenty of gold so my WW gear was fine, and I can answer the question of whether it was fun for me -- it was not. I found WW incredibly boring, slow and annoying in a number of ways. For one, with 54% crit and Into the Fray, and a 1h mighty weapon in my mainhand, I still wasn't gaining nearly enough fury to comfortably keep WW going. For another, being chained to the tornados rune on sprint meant I ran around much slower. Lastly the damage just wasn't very good, despite having around 70k damage (buffed) in the character window. I'm using the merciless assault build now and am really enjoying my barb much more. I kill faster, I'm more survivable, I can use marathon with sprint, I can sell my expensive LoH gear and just use rend (bloodlust), or a weap with life leech... and most importantly I find it way more fun than WW.

    @ the above guy, you always want a high primary stat. Without it your damage will be low. Even boosting crit and crit damage won't help much if the damage you're increasing your crit on is low to begin with. And unless you're paragon-100 I have no idea why you'd put anything but a fat red gem in your helm.
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    Quote from Benedicte

    Mighty weapons are not that bad for fury generation, but you'll need a lot of Crit chance on your armor for compensation :)

    i run a mighty weapon 24/7 atm cuz i got a lucky drop on it. I find fury management much easier with it. currently at 40% crit chance with passives, without br/bezerk
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    Let's start.


    WW Barbarian is the fastest farming character in game (at this point). You will run with 84% movement speed "rolling" thru stuff and killing them in blink of an eye, doing A3 in about 25minutes.

    Why is that and how is that even possible?

    First of all, WW Barbarian is extremely fast thanks to Sprint+WoTB combination (with the Chaos rune). Non other class can even compare to how fast he can run, and while running doing that much dmg. DH's can thumble like once very few seconds, Wizzies can teleport - with some nasty cooldown. Monks got teleport but they can't just "roll" thru white creeps and leave them to die as they walk into your direction. Barbarian is just fastest.

    You don't need THAT much of gold to be succesful.

    You need to remember that your main damage comes from Tornado. Tornados scale ONLY with main hand weapon base dmg + cirtdmg. Offhand dps/damage is not important. Main weapon should have high basic dmg. That is the priority. Next in the order are:

    1) Slot
    2) LoH
    3) CDM
    4) Lifesteal

    Offhand should have highest loh/cdm you can find. Buy even the 300dps weapons if they got 900loh 90%cdm and slot. You will be doing so much more damage than with 800dps weapon without 90cdm or slot. And you will get ALOT of loh on it.

    Remember it doesn't matter if you got 78k dps because your offhand is 1k weapon without slot/cdm/loh or 40k dps wih 200dps weapon in offhand. Your tornados will be doing MORE dmg with the MORE cmd/str offhand got.

    Ok. But also ASPD is quite worth for tornados, because they can hit "faster". So your offhand should be either fast or you should have alot of ASPD on your gear.

    So, basicly aim for high damage (not only DPS) weapon in mainhand and the most "utility" offhand. If you can find 100str/900loh/90%cdm/slot offhand - buy it. Doesn't matter the dps. Just don't think about it. Maybe you won't have 80k dps but you will be doing runs fast as .... hell.

    Ok we got the weapons.

    rings - aim for Jordan.
    jordan is way much better than any other ring with CDM. CDM gives you like 30% from the dmg you do. Lets see, your DMG is 4k, you got 300CDM, so you do 12k DMG. Now you get the ring. You got 330%cdm. So you do 13200dmg. With jordan you do 4k*30%=5200*300=15600dmg. You see the difference?
    And also 6% ele dmg does same DPS job as 70-80str

    second: im using bulkathos, for CDM/LoH/Str/Vit - but any CDM/cc/str/vit or aspd will do.

    Right. BOOTS:

    Preferable: movement speed/res/str/vit

    Just aim for movement speed. This is kind of n1 stat for you. All res are preferable IF you feel so. Ain't must have stat.

    Hands: Str/CC/CDM - if ASPD will be even better. Just aim for 9%cc and about 40%cdr.

    Head: Allright. some say that IK is best. CC/str high res. But i prefer Andariel's it gives you str/vit/cc/aspd and CRITABLE proc that can build up your fury!

    Amulet: CDM/CC/STR if LoH will be even better.

    Legs: The only way are Blackthorn. I can't see any alternative. You just have to spend some cash for it but it is BiS for now.

    Torso: high str/vit/ress/3slots/2slots anything.

    So, the stats you aim for are those:

    CDM (critdamage)
    CC (crit chance)
    Str (it boost your tornado dmg)
    ASPD (it boost your tornado SPEED - so dmg as well)

    I was using Mighty weapon in main to suistain with fury, but since i got 2,6aspd on WotB and 50% crit i can go with mace in main.

    Here is my profile:

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    What i really hate about being a WW barb is that mobs fleeing is really a pain in the ass. - and there's alot of them act 3
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    Quote from Bogok

    What i really hate about being a WW barb is that mobs fleeing is really a pain in the ass. - and there's alot of them act 3

    Not if you kill them before they start running around :P
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    Thanks everyone, especially silvach. This really helped a lot. I should hit 60 today and then I can gear for inferno.

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    dont forget to build fire resistance since thats basically the only thing you are vulnerable to. dont get Andariels for that reason (being alive wins anytime)
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    Get andariel, it's only 15% more dmg, that is literaly nothing. Im using it and molte+firechains cant do me anything with 600-700all ress
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