Gearing Tips / What to upgrade for Act III

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    Hey there. i would very much appreciate some tips from all of you good geared barbarians, about what items i COULD upgrade to maybe farm act 3 pretty decent.

    i know a lot about which stats and stuff i need but this is more to discuss and hear your opinions on what to upgrade first or in what order.

    Please keep your hate/criticsm to a minimum, i guess this forum is about helping, not hating :)

    Here's a link to my profile.

    or you can just check my stats here:

    hp 45k (too low i know)
    dmg 32k (with Battlerage)
    all res, around 800 with warcry, 1000 psy res.
    Crit% 43
    Crit dmg 273%
    Life on hit 343 (could be a lot higher i know)
    Attack per second, around 1.48
    Block% 15 (only, yes)

    Thank you!
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