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    hey guys,

    I recently decided to upgrade my gloves because the ones I currently have don't cut it. I've searching around the auction and I'm not quite sure what the optimal way to go is.

    I've seen some barbarians stack crit chance and damage but it seems to be that attack speed and strenght provide more benefit in terms of damage. Am I mistaken? Is there some hidden benefit that I am missing?

    I think the problem is I don't have any increase crit damage besides my passive. Maybe I should consider removing the amethyst in my weapon and putting an emerald? This would leave me with no life steal though, I'm not sure how effect 300 LOH actually is anyway.

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    You wanna focus on offense after 1.0.3 and get some gloves with str / crit chance / crit dmg. Depending on your cash you could also look for all res, but the price will already be high with the first 3 stats and since there are fewer slots on wich to get crit % youre better off leaving all res on gloves and get it elsewhere.
    I also bought a str / crit chance / ~350 LOH amu and took out my LOH gem in wep and replaced it with an emerald.
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    I pulled the trigger on some gloves with:

    +9% IAS
    +8.5% Cirt
    +100 Strenght
    +47 Vitality
    +25 AR
    +50 fire res

    They were listed with a time of 1d12H and a buyout of 3,000,000. I insta purchased. I'm not sure if it's as good as a deal as I though it was at first but I'm still pretty happy.

    I need to get out of the habit of being cheap though, I would probably be better off on just buying something for 20-30mil that I won't have to worry about upgrading in the future.
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    While lower in the primary stat section (gloves can easily roll up to 200~ in one stat), the Crit and IAS on those is nice, plus the resists.
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    Really it depends on your build. I'm going for a 2H build, so I look for Str, Crit%, Crit Damage, and Life Steal. With 3% Life Steal, my 75k+ crits will heal me for at least 450, and it works for every bit of damage you do, instead of just the hit like Life on Hit does. It works well with Seismic Slam.

    If you're a Dual-Wield or Tank spec, I find lots of Life on Hit and Attack Speed works wonders with Frenzy. Of course Crit% and Crit Damage is good too, but not as good as the other stuff or as good as it is with a 2H build. Strength is obviously still good, as it's your main stat.

    That's just offense though. Defense is a whole other story.
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    Crit and Critdmg can give you a lot damage. While ias might give you some damage increases, it scales linear like strength. But critdamage makes all your critchance items more worthfull while critchance makes your critdamage more worthfull (I hope thats right :P).
    Especially with the Ruhtless passive skill you get a lot damage boost. I'm wearing a sword and currently Ruthless gives me more damage than Weapon Master (15% more dmg). With Battle Rage I have 37% crit chance and 285% critdamage (weapon with critdmg + critdmg gem).
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    Everyone seems to forget that abilities such as overpower and revenge are instant and therefore do not gain anything from attack speed. Attack speed is nice to have for the normal melee attacks (frenzy cleave and bash), but barbs gain way too much more from crit % and crit damage.
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