[Guide] Act 1 & Act 2 Inferno with entry level gear

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    I'm trying to help barbarians progress through Inferno and give you a few tips and tricks.

    I made a video with a few pieces of gear taken off to get entry level stats for Act 1 and Act 2. There are already many videos out there showing that a barbarian with full Act 3/4 gear can do fine, however those are usually overgearing the places and don't have much connection to reality, which is a fresh barbarian trying to progress through Act 1 with hell gear and through Act 2 with Act 1 inferno gear.

    Act 1 video: Act 2 video:
    Mainly I'm going to explain how to deal with different type of champion and rare mobs, as those are the most challenging enemies in the game and you can improve your chances of beating them with the right tactics and a proper execution.

    Spec: http://us.battle.net...PTVk!Vbe!acZccc

    Keep in mind that when I first got to A1 Inferno with this kind of gear, I died a lot and it took me a while to develop strategies and optimise my playstyle, but the effort paid off and I'm now able to beat most parts of the game.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them, I will check this thread from time to time.
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    Really kinda tired of seeing videos like this. Some guy that has been farming act 4 making videos to show how to farm act 1 and 2. Its a nice idea as they take off gear to get the stats right. Every one that has been posted skips over one little part. The shield.

    Having the stats listed might be doable when you are running around wearing a shield with 40+% to block 2-4k damage.

    If you are going to make a "entry level gear" video. Do it all in entry level gear.
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    Nice "entry-level"-shield there.

    Your intentions are really nice and welcome though, but just removing some pieces won't really put you on par with the other struggling barbarians.
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    Keeping 23% reduced melee damage and talking about entry level gear, come on. You just kept the crucial power-items
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