Barbarian - Need a little help

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    Alright, so here's the deal.. I'm currently playing barbarian, and i'm on Inferno.
    I've mixed things up a little over the course.. Played 2x1handers, sword'n'board, 1x2hander. When i came to inferno i started out with sword and board, and tried to build up some ress, vitality, and str..
    But now i'm in a position where i found a pretty decent 2handed sword, and wanna try smashing things faster..
    So i'm looking for a build, that kills things! act 1 was pretty easy with the sword and board thingy.

    Also, would it be smarter to stay with sword and board, or go with the 2 hander?

    My stats w/o any buffs on.. doing around 13-14k with 2hander, 38k hp, and around 52% dmg reduction with average of 300 resist w/o shout.

    with sword and board i'm doing 8.6k dps, got 46.5k hp, and 70% dmg reduction, w/o shouts.

    So what do i do? and what is most efficient?
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