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    I am literally just starting Nightmare and had been DW with this build:!Zda!aaZaaZ (grouped with monk, wizard)

    I picked up a decent 2h axe and I would like to try this build for Nightmare:!ZdY!aaZZ.Z (solo or grouped with wizard)

    Am I going to be too low on defensive skills? I just felt like I was too low on dps for solo when I changed difficulty. Character sheet with my new axe shows 500dps unbuffed.

    I think with the Bloodthrist passive and gear I am at ~5% lifesteal and 100 life per hit, that is what I am counting on to keep me alive I guess.

    (ETA: by slow going I mean I am trying to kill faster than my cleave build is working.)

    In progress: Barbarian, WD
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    My current spec. I'm in a3 NM, and so far, it's been so easy (minus a few elite/rares with bad combos who 2 shot me when I'm not paying attention). I have a 2h and a 1h/shield combo(for prior elites).

    I switch around my spec all the time just to see if I can get things better.

    Just go to the AH, look for a good 2h rare weapon for 1.5k > 5k gold. There are lots out there, go for str/vit/life leech imo. DW has been rather unsuccessful for me so far (most skills use main hand damage and make your OH practically worthless)
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    Pretty much what i used for all inferno (WW first was with heal on crits, and then i changed +5% crit to +dmg if 3+ mobs are there)!ZYd!aYZbbb
    you normally start with shout then WW in to the group and then stun and WW+Revenge on proc\EQ by cd. /i tried Juggernaut, but its never procc'ed for me and i kinda don't like (don't see great affect from ignore pain)
    ps. my character have ~5% of vampiric and 130-140 life on hit.
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