PvP Build Barb

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    So guys, what do you think about that?

    PvP Stunlock


    PvP Dmg


    WW is my weak spot, cause I dont know how it'll work out, mb I'll put hammer with smash rune :)
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    Looks decent, though obviously wont know for sure until PvP patch. I dont think the high cd utilities like WotB would be very efficient for PvP. I would take another mobility skill like Furious Charge or Sprint.
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    Won't comment on the passives.

    Rend seems useless for PvP in my opinion. The rest seems good in the damage build.

    For the first; the Ancient Spear rune seems a bit lackluster and Weapon Throw doesn't seem that useful either. Rather get another gap closing ability or something to do damage with like Battle/Marauder's Rage.

    But all in all, arguing about PvP builds at this time is pretty silly since they said they would change how stun and movement impairing effects work in PvP when that patch hits anyway.
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    Oh, looks like I missed that statement, regarding stun changes with "upcoming" pvp patch >.
    I thought they dont want to balance anything around pvp, but well, the "stunlock" build would be otherwise unsurvivable in 1v1 imho :)

    Rend was planned for an "opener" so if I get kited, it would tick, but well - cant say for sure how it'll work out since I just played beta till lv13 as everybody else :/

    Weapon throw, well you mean with the stun rune? Imho its useful, cause a slow doesn't help as much vs a wizzard who nukes on me.

    Ancient Spear is planned as the only health regen ability in that build, there are some other possibilities for that purpose but in PvP situation gap closer will be the clue :)

    Why won't comment on passives? Imho there are some variations to be possible and viable aswell!

    Thanks for feedback so long :)
    Mess with the best, die like the rest

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