Hardcore Barbarian Levelplan

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    Hello everybody!

    With this topic I want to cover my Barbarian build that I want to use for Hardcore.

    When I think of hardcore, I always remember my characters I had in Diablo 2. I used to play hardcore a lot and died a lot due to lag and ganks. I've seen Blizzards' " You will die" movie and figured out that my barb needed to have a solid defence, even more because he is a melee character. I still remember the lightning enhanced super speedy elites, they still make me shiver :dead: .

    I set myself some goals which I want to reflect in my build:
    -Have atleast a single target skill;
    -Have atleast a multi target (aoe) skill;
    -Have one "oh-shit-button";
    -Have a way to escape when I get overwhelmed;
    -Have a good defence against both physical and magic damage.

    End game build
    Ofcourse there is a build that I want to work to, you can see it in this link:

    My explanation of the end game build:
    -Frenzy + triumph: This is for single target damage, triumph rune will make sure my health regeneration will be okay as long as I can kill the mobs;
    -Revenge + provocation: This is for multi target damage, I took provocation because this will up the damage a lot and will enable me to have more regeneration then any other rune. I chose provocation over vengeance is mine since I won't need fury and I've got the feeling that 15% might give me problems one day, imagine to have 25% hp and revenge just does'nt proc, to have it proc one out of 3 makes me feel a lot safer.
    -Leap + toppling impact: This is my escape (or initiate) skill, I'm not really sure about the rune but I guess this is the best way to escape battle. 300% armor might prove more useful though, what are your thoughts about this?
    -Earthquake + the mountain's call: The one and only oh-shit-button, in combination with this rune I'll always be able to save my own arse when I encounter elites;
    -Threatening shout + intimidate: One of the better defence skills, IMO invaluable for HC. I'm not sure about the rune but I guess this will do pretty well;
    -War cry + impunity: Another good defence skill, rune depends on gear. I guess at Inferno 50% resistance will be needed but that is yet to be seen.

    Leveling build
    I've also created a leveling build, based on the Blizzard progression guide. You can view the google-document sheet here: https://docs.google....bm9OOU85VnRub3c
    Please note that I didn't include any levels where I didn't have either new skills, runes or passives. Also note that new skills, runes and passives have been marked orange.
    In this leveling build I work my way to the end game build and I tried to keep my build goals in mind while leveling.

    I will use the Templar follower because he seems to be the most defensive orientated and is able to taunt when my barb is below 50% hp. I will use the following "build": http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/follower#1000

    I would gladly ask for any constructive feedback and please keep the trolling out of this thread, thanks in advance! :d3d:

    //edit: Version 1.0
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    first: i really like the idea of your leveling plan, guess i have to sit down and do something similar for my own barb.

    concerning your end-game build:
    i would prefer furious charge *merciless assault* instead of leap, just switched it in my own build. having a knockback after jumping into a bunch of monsters may reduce incoming damage right after, but may also get you stuck (e.g. walls, rocks, doors etc.), 10 seconds leap cd can be a long time, whereas charge might get you out of trouble just a second after you got in.
    i'm also not sure about earthquake..there a some topics going on discussing the 120sec cooldowns we get. tbh i would not consider earthquake an "oh shit"-button, at least not *the mountains call* (maybe *aftershocks*?), since you cant be sure that everything hit will die before you do. i guess ignore pain *bravado* or maybe cota *the council rises* would fit that role far better.

    your chosen passives seem reasonable..maybe swap inspiring presence for juggernaught..

    another important thing: are you gonna play solo or in a party? lots of decisions might also depend on that.

    hope you like my feedback, good luck anyways!
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    Bah, stupid post on my part.
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