Thorns Builds - Theorycrafting

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    And obviously you'll use a shield and focus on block pretty heavily.
    Does blocked damage get reflected?

    Quote from sacridoc
    7) Thorns is interesting... but it really feels like your damage will end up being so low that it might not be so fun to play. You'll always have to be grouped with damage dealers if you want to clear things faster than what you can solo.
    Yeah, since I'm planning a mostly solo build, I dunno.

    But, we'll see how it pans out in-game.
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    If it is true that thorns will damage anything within a melee radius no matter the kind of attack the enemy uses, then skills that pull enemies close would be great. Leap Attack (Call of Arreat) to pull enemies closer. That way you can leap to a caster and pull others close enough for them to take damage.

    I would probably put Provocation on the Revenge to make it proc more. You will need all the life you can get and that will help. Plus it will be more AoE damage.
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    Btw, I missed one:

    Overpower with Crushing Advance apparently reflects 30% damage for 4 seconds. This seems to be nonstackable, though, so I don't know if it's effective, really. And Frenzy with Triumph also heals you for maximum life. Hmm:!bVe!Zcbcbc

    I have a feeling some of this stuff is gonna get rebalanced.
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    Does blocked damage get reflected?

    No. I was just saying that because thorns requires enemies to hit you, and if you're getting hit a lot, you'll likely need a shield to reduce the damage you take.

    Reflection is different than Thorns of course as I said. If you stack thorns hard, I would expect that it'll be much better than reflecting 30% damage/4sec. Because the way Diablo tends to work is that a lot of monsters have huge health pools but do bad damage for how much life they have.

    Personally... I wouldn't go with a thorns build if I planned on a lot of soloing. If you're playing in a group it's more likely that your party will debuff the enemy in a way that allows you to take less damage while dealing thorns damage. As I said before, thorns allows you to be a tank essentially in this game while still doing decent damage. Otherwise, you could be stacking defensive stats, but it would make your damage terrible to the point where you'd be kind of useless all around. Thorns allows you to be a tank in Diablo and still feel like you're dealing damage.

    Unfortunately there's no such thing as a glass-cannon thorns build lol... clearly that wouldn't make any sense. Thorns is best used as a tank build in co-op where your damage will be less than the other 3 members, but still somewhat respectable. And your tanking will allow them to focus more on doing damage which will make your group better overall.
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    I think doing it as a coop build could be pretty cool. We'll see how it works out.
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    Reflection is different than Thorns of course as I said.

    I don't believe there's anything in the game actually called "Thorns". I'm borrowing the term from DII, mostly.
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    Yeah there is, it's in your character sheet. They just changed it so there's no Monster Affix called thorns, which may be what you're thinking of. Which is accurate because the monster ability truly does reflect your damage, iron maiden style.

    There's two different things in D3, Thorns and Reflection. Thorns is an item affix. Reflection is something added to runes and a monster affix.
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