How will adventure mode work?

  • I apologize if this has already been discussed but I've been unable to find it on the forums, if someone could point me to a thread where it is answered that would be awesome.

    I understand we need to complete act 5 to unlock adventure mode, and it is mode wide (ex. SC or HC not both). I'm planning on beating act 5 on my witch doctor first. My question is my DH, who i just recently reset the quest progress on, is at the beginning of act 3 (beacons quest). Will he (my DH) have access to all 5 acts in adventure mode, only act 1&2 as thats all he's completed, or only acts 1-3 since thats all he has access to atm?
  • You only need to complete Act V on one character to unlock Adventure Mode. So your Demon Hunter will be able to access Adventure Mode after your Witch Doctor completes Act V.
  • 03/24/2014 10:11 AMPosted by Lim3y
    Ah that's a drag, I didn't realize I needed to do act5 before I could start a crusader and play him up through adventure mode :(

    As a point of clarification, you'll be able to play a Crusader the moment the expansion is live at 9PM PST. However, Adventure Mode specifically does require completing Act V.