Magic Find

  • Does magic find really have an impact on game play and drops?

    I have max out many times on mf to get nothing good to drop. Yet when im almost to 300, i get semi good drops.

    What impacts does magic find really have on game play? Do people see a big difference in what they getting in terms of drops being better?
  • How magic find works is a question we see on the forums from time to time. It’s not the most intuitive stat, but there are some places to find out more information about it that I’ll link below. To answer your question, though, Magic Find increases the chance that an item will be magical (i.e. legendary, 6-affix, 5-affix, 4-affix, etc.) when it drops, but it does not affect drop rates in any way or item stat ranges (i.e. when an item roll determines it will have 100 – 130 strength, Magic Find does not help increase the amount of Strength).

    You can find more information about Magic Find in our game guide, and DiabloWiki has a great section on it too.