Nerf Limerick

  • There once was a barb who spun,
    demons dying by the scores so fun,
    but his amazing shard,
    deemed hitting too hard,
    was nerfed now his spinning is done.
  • Apologies for not posting quickly
    From PAX East I'm still feeling sickly
    I've been meaning to
    Reply all to you
    But time management gets pretty tricky

    Shard of Hate's still a pretty great weapon
    From this case it's worth learning a lesson
    If it stands above all
    No competition to call
    It might be defying our intention

    All in all it's worth taking a moment
    To try for yourself once you own it
    You might be surprised
    When you see with your eyes
    Shard of Hate makes it easy to pwn with

    Fret not my nephalem friends
    This bug fix is hardly the end
    Of this awesome new sword
    You're responsible for
    How you use it? Well that all depends


    (For a more srs face reply, you may want to read this post.)