My 105million bid is gone!!!! pls help!!!!!!!

  • Hey i bid 105million gold for a witching hour belt and it says I got an error and now it says the bid failed!!! I lost my millions and eventhough Im the highest bidder I am listed as not winning!!!! What is happening?!? It took me a long time to save that gold!!! The bidding for this item ends in the next 30 minutes please helpppp!!!!!!!!!

    I am not kidding here is the order id for the item. 1353725232 I even have screenshots and opened a ticket "SEA70434" please help!!! the highest bid was only 100million and I bid 105 million The bidding is about to end ='(
  • Hi there, just letting you know that I recently posted in regards to the Auction House delays. Thanks for hanging in there - although the delays are taking longer than we would like to see, there are no reports of the auctions just eating up gold/currency. I'll make sure that we update the threads as soon as we are able.