over 24hrs later...and servers still show as offline

  • Really? Not a big deal, but to me exemplifies the utter lack of work ethic going on at this company
  • Hi there, doesn't appear that any of the D3 regions are down as far as I can see. This is our basic connection troubleshooting page which may help you out:


    Whereabouts in the world are you, and what kind of connection are you running through - is it wireless? Is it a shared network?

    I'll check back in a bit to see if the thread was updated.

  • xJNx - looks like you're playing from a University, you might also want to contact the network admins in regards to the issue.

    Muu, I would ask that you try the steps that we suggested in this post:


    Again, I'll keep my eyes on the thread to see how it goes for anyone else who responds here.
  • Awesome, good to know that got worked out Stylistken- and @Muu, the D3 servers are online and are being played on throughout the different world regions.
  • Darkenraah,

    Please create a new thread of your own describing the problem you're having and what you've tried so far to resolve it. This thread was for a different problem than you're reporting.