This account has been suspended.. (ERROR 53)

  • This account has been suspended due to violations of service policies. please check the account's registered email address for more information. (ERROR 53) Please help me. i don't know how i can get my account back.
  • KahbadinmoK,

    You'll need to submit a support ticket as we can't discuss account issues like this here in a public forum

    This article will lead you through the process.

    The following is a list I've "borrowed" from user MissCheetah outlining the possible causes for receiving this specific restriction (error 53)

    Some common reasons players have reported being suspended:

    1. Failed transaction - insufficient funds or payment declined by bank
    2. Chargebacks
    3. Mismatch in Billing, Account, and/or PayPal address and name information. ALL the information has to match.
    4. Missing billing information such as a zip code
    5. Playing from outside the region registered to the account. For example, if you access the RMAH from Asia when you are registered at a US address it bans you.
    6. Playing from a different country than the one you are registered too, even if within the same Region
    7. Playing from a country where the game is not legally released (China) or where the RMAH is illegal (S. Korea). Playing from a country where the game is not allowed due to sanctions (Iran, Cuba, N. Korea, etc).
    8. I have seen one report where updating the Mobile Authenticator resulted in a suspension. Player claims Bliz knows and it could be a bug. However with only one report so far I am taking it with a grain of salt.
    9. False positives - they do happen. Sometimes the software catches something that seems problematic, but when reviewed by a human it is overturned.
    10. Lately we have seen quite a few people playing on, and getting suspended on, accounts that are not in their name. Blizzard will only give the account back to the person whose name it is registered in. They do not allow account transfers.

    To submit a ticket (required for most suspensions including Error 53):
    How do I contact Account Administration?
    Submit a ticket and select Diablo III under the product section. Under the issue summary section input account administration or error 53 suspension if you are getting the error 53 message. Hit the continue to ticket creation button and select the topic:

    If you really need to, you can call them to help sort out WHY you got suspended. Sometimes RMAH issues can be fixed on the phone.

    Some tips for calling:

    1. The phone lines are always full these days (They support all of D3, WoW, and Starcraft). Spam dial immediately until you get in queue and then stay there!
    2. Cell phones hate being on hold and can disconnect. Use a land line (free in the US) or Skype (free to download and call them with anywhere in the world).
    3. Be prepared for a 45 min + wait on hold
    4. Be prepared to prove your identity by answering questions or giving game keys
    5. If you get it resolved on the phone, remember to cancel any tickets you have in the system to reduce the backlog there.