Graphics artifacting and lockup

  • Have an I7-920 6g mem ati 6870 card with current drivers.
    Just started beta last night so leaving town to discover graveyard, halfway through I was clicking on the zombies to kill and just the swish sound and no damage
    so checked weapon durability was fine, tried to switch weapon did not allow me to un-equip the weapon. So started running back to camp ran against an light blue solid line like i was on one side of an cube and came to the edge. So decided to log but the quit button did nothing so finally alt-tab and closed the window. Restarted the game and made it to the graveyard then it happened again.

    Have to say I was also having issues with the WOW-bliz loader prog that my computer would bluescreen on shutdown after using the loader previously.

    Doing an shutdown and restart to see if these issues disappear.
  • Issar ,

    What you're describing sounds like you just lost the connection to while playing. I was able to play just now so the server seems to be up.

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