Will Politics Bleed Into D3/D4 Eventually?

  • Hello,

    For a variety of reasons that I am not 100% sure of myself, it appears as if game design, and especially marketing, leans very left/progressive. This has caused the "SJW" bug to strike several hobbies, including comic books, Magic the Gathering, and others.

    However, Diablo3 has been blissfully spared. The characters are not all Ken-and-Barbie, but the diversity that exists in this universe does not seem forced (maybe at worst Tyrael being black). The Witch-Doctor would feel weird if he and she were not black, and the Wizard being vaguely Asian also feels about right. Characters have genders, and Diablo having a feminine appearance was cool, since he took over his daughter's body.

    But having read very recently about the sad passing of TotalBiscuit, I discovered that an unrelated critic of Biscuit basically spat on his grave, saying that he was a bully of minorities and other such trash. As it turns out, said critic was later revealed to be a sex offender now living in Estonia. However, what disturbed me most was that this jackass's posts were whole-heartedly approved by Harrison Pink, who is apparently a senior designer of D3 since the middle of 2017 (correct me if I am wrong here, by all means).

    A quick jaunt through Mr. Pink's twitter account revealed an individual suffering from full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome, replete with calls to end ICE, "Resist", and the rest. Like many of the ideologies in the gaming sphere, Mr. Pink claims his views are his own, but proudly uses his job with Blizzard to garner followers.

    My concern is this: will this type of nonsense reach our game, and its various sequels? Or is the nature of this world, set in pre-technological times and featuring almost exclusively supernatural enemies and powers, one that is inoculated from politicization.

    PS: I would not want the game to push my ideology either. It is mean to be escapist for all sides, not just conservatives.
  • This is a tricky topic, but one not suited for here. Because the discussion of politics and religion has a tendency to get quite heated, we don't permit these discussions on the Diablo forums.

    There are many other places on the internet to have such discourse and we ask that these conversations be kept there.