1016, the final error

  • Error code 1016 has been a problem for me on D3(and WoW/Destiny, different code on there, but the same DC) for almost 2 years now. After the first few months I realized none of the small fixes or even anything Blizzard suggested would fix it, so I called up my buddy who works with servers for companies and we worked for a week testing different settings the whole thing. I even upgraded my internet to the fastest package just to see if it would help.

    Nothing has changed it in any way shape or form since day one of it happening. I play tons of other MMOs and online games in general on my PC, never had a DC or error on any of them. I even tried a WoW private server for a week just to see if it would DC, never did. So what I'm basically getting at is all these other companies, Ubisoft, Kakao, GGG, and even some sweaty dudes basement I can connect to with zero issues, but Blizzard I can't.

    So just wondering when this will potentially get acknowledged or even fixed. I put a lot of time into Blizzard games and this is a bad bit.
  • Hi there Josh,

    I think it would be best to talk about how we treat connection issues here on the forums and in support. Mainly because Destiny 2 is not on our servers, Wow and Diablo 3 are not on the same servers, and we only want to help. When it comes to a connection issues, there is always a problem in one of three locations.

      The server - When we see the report it is tracked, as well, we have many other data gathering tools for the health of the server.

      The ISP - Which for simplicity sake in this explanation is a combination of the nodes used for upstream and downstream information on the internet. We do not have much influence here, as such it tends to be a pain point when the problem is ISP related.

      From the users end - This is an area we can try and provide advice for. We try to give troubleshooting advice and direct to things that could cause problems. We can only help as much as a user is willing to let us.

    As that is the case, all we can do is try and resolve issues from your end and report trends up. With millions and millions of users, you will always have someone with a connection issue. All we can do is try to help where we can.

    If you would like us to try and help, then please post back with the WinMTR and Looking glass report. If you do not want help, then I am sorry, I hope your issues get better.

  • Josh,

    Please provide the diagnostic WinMTR report requested. If you choose not to, that's fine, but we can't offer any assistance in that case and the thread will be locked as it would no longer serve a purpose.

    Commentaries, opinions, constructive suggestions and feedback all belong in our General Discussion forum, not here where we and other users are trying to help people with tech issues.