2Pc's 2Acccount's 1 no general chat ?

  • Hi I 2 box and use 2 accounts. My main pc and account has no general chat. All other chats work fine. Iv tried reinstalling the game and tried leaving the general channel and getting invited back to it but still the same issue. Main account and main pc iv played for years and did not know I was missing general chat, until i started the 2nd pc and account. Both accounts are over 1k paragon etc.

    Any suggestions to try ? Is their some hidden files they may be stored somewhere that a delete the game and battle net would not get rid of ?
    Thanks War,
  • Hey there WuChiWuGen,

    In this case it should be a simple fix. You may be able to just type the following in.

    /join General

    Let me know if this helps my friend!