Where the Blue's at?

  • So, out of curiosity, where are all the Blue's at?

    It has been quite some time since we heard from anyone at Blizzard. Would be nice to even hear a "Hey everyone, just want to stop in and say that we are hard at work creating content you will love and appreciate"

    What have all of you been up to lately?

    Have you been enjoying the weather?

    Gone on any vacations yet, how were they?

    We would love to hear more from you Blue's related to Diablo. We love this franchise, and we love those who have worked on it and will continue to work on it. So please, do not be shy, where you at?
  • We're around. :) A lot of what I'm personally working on is behind the scenes, so posting has, unfortunately, become a lower priority on my task list as of late.

    That said, how are you? Whatcha up to in Season 13? Have you finished your goals yet? Got your pet? Starting an alt? I'd love to hear how ya'll are doing.
  • 05/01/2018 03:53 PMPosted by Zeddicuus
    Can we get the low and dirty on this behind the scenes work?

    Nope! Sorry. I'm always happy to talk about what I've worked on post-mortem, but generally in-progress is off limits. ;)

    05/01/2018 03:34 PMPosted by naksiloth
    Can we look forward for Diablo related news at this year's Blizzcon or is it too early to ask?

    Last year was an exception in that we're normally not in the habit of announcing/not announcing what we are or aren't going to announce. (Yes, that's redundant, but it's accurate.) That goes for everyone across the company, incidentally, not just the Diablo team. I would say don't expect that to become the norm, though I'm certainly always pitching new ways to evolve our communication that make sense.

    TLDR: Not a question I can probably ever really answer, to be honest.
  • 05/01/2018 07:28 PMPosted by Karmakaze
    Thanks for confirming the post for me, tho the bit about botting was just someone's reply - neither the original post nor the guy who made it. There was no apparent reason to delete the whole thing.

    Often, some threads get moderated because of how off-topic they become. That was one such example. It's not meant as punishment to the original poster. I do so wish we had a private message function on these forums, at least as community managers and moderators to posters. I'd better like to explain these things without having to do so in a forum thread and adding to the off-topic-ness. Perhaps in the future!

    05/01/2018 09:09 PMPosted by GhostDragon
    Maybe, just maybe, posts and attitude like that is why they seldom post anymore?

    Nope! Attitudes like that get moderated, as per our forum code of conduct. Most of the reason I don't post as much as I would like is simply from being busy. Being a community manager has a lot more responsibilities than posting on the forums; these days I do a lot of research, write reports, put together powerpoint decks, and the like.

    But when I find time or need a break from staring at excel sheets, it's nice to hop in here and chat with you all. I'll try to be better about that, even if it's just a casual discussion here or there.