Error when starting a game

  • My friend recently installed Diablo 3 and he is unable to start a game. When he selects to start a game the loading menu will appear but will never complete. After some time an error saying he has been disconnected shows and the game locks up.
    I've had it that he has joined me and I started the game. His character will appear (And it will say he's online) and shows it is loading. After a few minutes he gets logged out.
    We've tried turning the antivirus off and firewall. Turning off discord (As originally there was a problem caused by the Discord overlay). Turning off streaming in the settings. Changing a D3D setting (Can't remember exactly what he did).
    We are on PC and using Windows 10. He's got a GTX 950 card and has all the drivers updated.
    There are no error log files.
    Are there any other options?
    Let me know if any more information is required.
  • Michael,

    If your friend is seeing disconnections you may also want to try the followings steps:

    * Power cycle all devices as well as IP release, renew and Flush the DNS

    * Port forward on the systems firewall as well as the router.

    * If possible join General chat as soon as he logs in

    If he is still seeing disconnections he will want to put in a support ticket to our technical customer support with the following information attached:

    * System files

    * WinMTR

    ~ Zayssie