Diablo 3 Suddenly Closing with no reason

  • My Diablo 3 on PC is crashing a lot of times with no reason. Sometimes it take seconds to just close, but sometimes it takes minutes or hours. It just suddenly closes, with no error message or anything.

    Everything here is updated. I already ran that Scan and Repair tools a lot of times. Also uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but it is still closing. Just weird... any tips on resolving this issue?

    I have a powerful computer, no problem on running it on full graphics. I already reduced graphics to Low, but no success. Still crashing.
  • Howdy!

    This could be related to a third party conflict such as an Overlay, streaming program or overclocking software. Some times this is also a result of a driver conflict. The game is trying to do something and that interaction can't be completed thus it crashes.

    I'd recommend the following three steps before retesting:
    - Double check your OS and drivers are fully updated. We offer a support page on this Here.
    - Try placing the system in Selective Startup. Restart the PC before you retest the game. This is to help narrow down a third party conflict and will not start windows with any startup programs.
    -- Anti-virus may still startup, double check your personal anti-virus is fully setup to exclude the Blizzard app and all of our games. If you need help with this look on your provider's site or contact their support, otherwise you may temporarily uninstall the software.

    If the issue continues please post up your Dxdiag. Make sure once you paste your Dxdiag contents into your reply that you highlight all the text and select the code block icon </> which makes it a lot easier to review!

    Thank you!
  • Kani that is also correct. We have seen issues with this program. Sadly the only workaround we are aware for it is to remove it. You could try disabling it first before removing it.