Diablo 3 keeps crashing few minutes in

  • Diablo 3 is constantly crashing every time I start it up. The crash happens few minutes in.

    My DxDiag: https://ufile.io/y5s93 (couldn't paste here with the [code][/code] because I kept getting invalid html notice).

    Per title, there is no error log being saved. I followed the 'Obtaining Game Error Logs' guide, but there is no 'Reported Bugs' folder inside the 'InspectorReporter' folder.

    - I have tried using both 64bit and 32bit modes and both keeps crashing in the same manner.
    - I ran D3 repair tool, nothing was wrong.
    - Made sure Windows 8.1 and drivers were up to date.
    - Tried selective start up mode with non-essential services stopped. Still crashed.
    - Tried disabling security program(windows defender is the only thing I'm using). Still crashed.
    - The crashes only started AFTER the latest patch Before that, and ever since the beginning of this Season 13, I experience zero crashes.

    Please look into this.
  • Without any crash information, there's no way to know what could be wrong really.

    Let's start by taking a look at your D3Debug.txt files. It's located in the Diablo III\x64 folder for 64 bit clients and in the Diablo III folder if you're using the 32 bit client.
  • poi654,

    ifraga's reply could apply to you as you're also in the same area he's in. The others in this thread are unlikely to be using that app though.