Escape Key or menu Bar Crashing game

  • Since your last small patch, every time I'm in games and I press the game menu key or the escape key on the keyboard. The game closes down and goes to desktop. I can use the menu key and escape key on the char selection screen but not when I'm in the game.

    This wasn't happening before. I run the game as admin, I've turned off all overlay programs like Rainmeter and I reset the shortcuts I have even uninstalled, run a cleaning software to remove all shortcuts and any left over software. Restarted and then reinstalled the game from the Blizzard launch app. It still happening and I've not seen anything about it on the forums. So it must only be me for some reason.

    Any help would be grateful please.

    Sounds like you may have another app configured to use those keys and it's interfering.

    You might want to try a selective startup mode reboot to see if it makes a difference as it would prevent other apps set to auto-start at boot time from doing so.

    You'll want to submit a support ticket then and attach your system files so they can be checked.

    Contact Support -

    Obtaining System Files -