strange performance issue

  • hello all

    recently booted up diablo 3 in windows to mess around a little bit, and the game ran fine for a while, and then i started getting weird laggy pauses in the game accompanied by stuttering/buzzing audio. This affects my entire pc not just diablo 3 itself. i have to restart to make it go away, it continues even if i close the program.

    I watched the task manager's performance tab and only my HDD ever maxed out or came close. I dont have this problem with any other game or program. i have tried lowering video settings, changing resolutions windowed, bordered fullscreen etc. lowering audio channels, disabling sound etc

    should be able to run just fine, i have a 6600k and an r9390 8g vram 16g ddr4. . anyone have any ideas? thank you very much for any help.
  • Would like to get a look at the CPU and GPU temps while you're playing. Mind running HWMonitor while you play? Have that running for about 10 minutes while you're playing with issues in-game. Once done, take screenshots of the info in HWMonitor and upload them to an image sharing site to link here. The distorted audio and freezing sounds like it may potentially be the CPU overheating.
  • Mind trying a site like imgur? Not able to access that file.
  • @BigDaddyKane
    Do you have a screenshots showing the GPU temperatures and utilizations? Doesn't look like that was included.

    With that said, the temperatures for the CPU do look fine but at the same time, it looks like the CPU usage is pretty low. Let's start by looking at the Power Settings. To do so, press the Windows + R key to bring up the Run window and enter powercfg.cpl and hit OK. Let's make sure that the power plan is set to High Performance. From there click on Change Plan Settings followed by Change Advanced Power Settings. Let's make sure the Maximum Processor State is set to 100%.