unexpected error

  • ever since blizzard did maintenance work I haven't been able log in unexpected error pops up code F19C75DF-F753-4952-B4C2-9BDDC82E28F and says report this ID to blizzard I uninstall the game then reinstall the game same unexpected error please help
  • crow,

    Looks to be related to AMD video drivers. You're on 17.12.1 right now. See if updating to their latest (18.2.1) helps.

  • @Benevolence
    Are you getting an error code? If so, can you post it?

    What exactly is happening in the Desolate Sands for you? Are you using the 64 bit or 32 bit client? Please be sure you're using the 64 bit client if you have the option. If you're using an AMD graphics card, make sure the drivers are updated as there was an old issue regarding older AMD drivers and Desolate Sands a few years back.
  • @Benevolence
    Not seeing much in the crash logs apart from:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<6BE20000 0002f000 "aswhookx.dll"</code>
    May be worth disabling Avast to test.

    I'm also seeing this:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00800000 01f65000 "Diablo III.exe"</code>
    Are you currently using the 32 bit client? If so, let's switch to the 64 bit client which should show up as Diablo III64.exe.
  • @Benevolence
    Would suggest submitting a ticket here with an msinfo report attached so we can look into this further with you.