Malthael’s Bargain Prizes

  • Hi, I did not receive my "Ghost Kerrigan Wings". I did all that was requested and even got Leoric’s Phantom in HoTS but I just bought the Necromancer patch and whem I began to play again I noticed that Kerrigans Wings where not there..... I tried to open a ticket to complain but did not found where to do it..... I also have a friend with the same problem.
  • Mædhros,

    I am seeing the wings added to your account. I have refreshed your account on my end so go ahead and check your collection tab again.
    If they still are not showing give this a try:

    - Log into Heroes of the Storm and create a vs AI game.
    - Enter the match and then exit it and the game.
    - Switch over to Diablo 3 and create a new character.
    They should show up after that.

    ~ Zayssie