Character unable to move

  • It's an issue I've had on an off for a while now but has been persisting, I'll be moving through my bounties or even rifts and suddenly my character gets stuck seemingly on nothing. No amount of trying to move them helps, they just kind of stutter in place, and the only thing to unstick them is to teleport back to town, and take the portal back to where I was.

    eg: I'm currently stuck right here, and after posting will be teleporting into town to unstick myself.

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix? Thank you.
  • Hey there artemis,

    I do not see any known issues about this problem but I have a couple ideas that may help based on your screenshot.

    The issues sounds like some type of compatibility issue that is resolved by reloading the interface of the game. Something that does dll injection like an overlay could cause the problem. In this case I see you have Twitch running with the overlay, I would ask you fully disable it as well as any other overlays you have active.

    Let me know if this helps :)