Diablo Crash - switches pc off

  • Hi all,

    I am having trouble playing Diablo when Power Options are not set to Power Saver. Basically, whenever I try to run the game on either Balanced or High Performance, it is as if I were holding the laptop's power button.

    I've noticed that right before it switches off, the screen dims for half a second then it goes off. If I try to play on Power Saver, game suffers from horrible lags.

    The system I run the game on is an MSI GT72S 6QE laptop - i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz with GeForce GTX980M (latest drivers) and16gb RAM.

    This crash doesn't happen on any other game I've played on this laptop.
  • Power save is generally going to throttle the performance on the laptop. If the game only works on Power Save then the problem may end up being power or heat related. Let's try setting an FPS cap by adding this line to the D3Prefs.txt file located in the Documents\Diablo III folder.
    <code>MaxForegroundFPS “60”</code>
    If the line already exists, we can just change the value.