Blizzard AR Viewer

  • Blizzard AR Viewer is used to show amazing Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls art book in 3D. For some reason the app is dead. It cannot be found in google store anymore and the one that I installed 3 years ago doesn't work. After I scan an image in the book on page with the symbol the app says 'Internal error'

    Reason why I'm posting it here:
  • Howdy!

    I'm looking to get more information on the Blizzard®​ AR Viewer for you as quickly as possible. I'll reply when I have more details about this for you. :D
  • Update: The Blizzard®​ AR Viewer application was retired and is no longer available. This is likely why you are seeing the Internal Error message as the application was shut down. We have no plans for bringing this application back online from what I can see though that is always subject to change. If you would like to see it brought back, please let our developers know on our General forums.