The D3 page for Quivers is broken

  • The page accessed via gives the following (copy/pasted):

    XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </p>. Location: Line Number 2166, Column 181:
    <li class="item-no-background"><p> <span class="tooltip-icon-bullet"></span> Nether Tentacles damage and healing amount increased by <span class="d3-color-magic">200%</span>.</span> <span class="d3-color-ffff0000">(Demon Hunter Only)</span> <span class="d3-color-ff9b9b9b">[200 - 250]%</span></p></li>

    I went there to see how many legendary quivers there are in the game right now to see if it's worth cubing some rares to upgrade, and found that. I haven't really spent time on a DH recently at all, so figured I'd see what's what.

    Hope this can be fixed soon! :D
  • Hey there!

    Normally I would say to use the Feedback Button at the bottom of the page .. except it is not there :/

    So could you instead post this issue on the Support Site Feedback Forum here?

    See if we can't get this issue over to the website folks to see what might be happening here.