Game Guide: New link system, or only temporary (bug)?

  • I don't know where to post this. It is not a technical issue with the game, but with the website, the game guide in specific.

    For my little fansite ( ) I make heavy use of the tooltip javascript you offer for that purpose
    Today I noticed that it doesn't work anymore, because (almost?) all links are broken, i.e. they have changed. For example:

    (The same in US/EU-EN as well.)
    Is this a new system for linking items in the game guide, and do I have to fix all my item links in my text-based guides, or is this just temporary and not intended? Or will the javascript be updated (soon TM) to automatically convert the old links into the new scheme?

    Thanks in advance for an answer. :)

    Edit: This also affects all the item links in the official forums, so almost every helpful answer with an item link, and most of the guides here have now a lot of dead links. :(
  • Hey all,

    Sorry it took me so long to circle back on this. After discussing this with our web team, this is an intentional move to a new linking system. They're working on compiling more detailed information on the specifics and will update the community via the Developer Forums once their documentation and the rollout is complete.

    Like MissCheetah said, BlizzCon definitely has us all hands on deck right now (6 WORKING DAYS LEFT AHHHHHHGH), so we appreciate the patience as you bear with us!