High ping near mobs/outside camps

  • It was fine this morning, but around 3-4pm US eastern time the game became unplayable. I can sit in camps for 20 minutes straight and never go above 90 ms but as soon as I warp to an area with enemies it shoots up to 1200-1600, and then immediately drops down to normal as soon as i teleport back to town. Anyone else getting this today?
  • Howdy!

    I'm not seeing any outstanding issues around the time of your post. This could be a bandwidth or packet loss issue once bandwidth increases between the client and servers. I'd recommend to review our Latency Problems article. Try steps 1-5 and retest, if the issue continues check out our Advanced Troubleshooting steps before collecting a WinMTR. Post up the WinMTR if the issue continues after troubleshooting so we can attempt to locate the source of the issue.

    Thank you!