No d3 announcements at blizzcon?

  • How could anyone be surprised? When the AH was shut down and the community collectively rejected the idea of implementing micro transactions the game was put on the back burner where it will forever stay. The community complains and is outraged by the cost of the Necro pack, then wonders why no follow up druid this year. What do you all do for a living that this doesn't make perfect sense to you? How is $20 for hours and hours of playtime and content something remotely bothersome? That's barely more than a single movie theatre ticket nowadays

    Blizz please do not give in to the vocal minority that frequent these forums and believe that their stinginess is a reflection of the overall diablo fanbase that will line up for D4.

    D3 was a massive launch success because of how many people WANT Diablo to be a good game. (when i say success = $ and units, not success in way of actual server performance and the fact that it was a clearly rushed/unfinished game (pvp? Act 4 CLEARLY rushed, inferno's difficulty progression?, #error37, even Diablo himself was visually botched) this game has been a fail from day one-if you were there for day one you remember) I couldn't believe how many of my real life friends were all over d3 at release, unfortunately none of them have had an interest in this game in years for obvious reasons

    Next Diablo game, DEFINTELY implement a either a monthly subscription or micro transaction into the next diablo game so that it keeps a reasonable amount of resources attached to the next game and it can not repeat the disappointment that was diablo 3. Profitability and resources will go hand in hand in putting d3 in the past and making d4 a worthy successor of d1/d2

    Sincerely, life long Diablo fans that are not still here frequenting the forums because we all gave up on d3 around the same time you did
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