So, is that it for PTR updates?

  • Just wondering if this is the final version. Please announce the next season date, or let us know if another iteration of the PTR is coming.
  • 10/04/2017 04:21 PMPosted by Primate
    Just wondering if this is the final version

    Originally, this was scheduled to be our last patch. However, after continued observation of performance on the PTR (and passing on some additional feedback), we're in the process of generating a new build to release for testing sometime next week. We're going to aim for a Thursday release, but (as you all know is usually the case) that's a tentative date.

    The changes we're making were, primarily, bug fixes in tooltips and other behind the scenes needs... but while we were at it, there were a few last community feedback requests we saw in response to our last PTR patch. Some of those changes were low risk, so we're going to move forward with them. I look forward to seeing your feedback after the patch next week!
  • Just to clarify - "low risk" typically means, in the game development world, "unlikely to be code-breaking or generate a lot of bugs." That largely limits such changes to a) builds that have already been adjusted and B) almost exclusively number tuning.

    Hope that adds some more clarity. Stay tuned, we're still on track for Thursday, but I'll try to let you all know if we need to push back. :)