Please Don't Use Blizzcon as a Cop Out for Content

  • Cop Out - An excuse for not doing something; To avoid or neglect problems, responsibilities, or commitments.

    TL:DR - Blizzard, please don't use Blizzcon as a cop out for Diablo 3 content. Please don't discuss Blizzcon 2016 content at Blizzcon 2017. Do not release the Necromancer a month before Blizzcon 2017, and act like this is a brand new feature, and that we will be happy if that is the only thing you discuss.

    At Blizzcon 2016 (November 4-5, 2016), you excited many players with multiple announcements, including the Necromancer, Darkening of Tristram event, Armory, Challenge Modes, and crafting material storage. While this wasn't an expansion that many players wanted, it did bring a little excitement to the game.

    On January 4, 2017, two months after Blizzcon, you released Patch 2.4.3, which brought us the Darkening of Tristram event. This was fun for a few days, but once we finished the event, got the pet, and did the few achievements, there wasn't much of an incentive to go back.

    On March 21, 2017, five months after Blizzcon, you released Patch 2.5.0, which brought us the Armory and crafting material storage. I don't want to complain about these much needed features, but your player-base has suggested the crafting material UI for well over a year. The fact that it took this long is a little disconcerting. The Armory is a great feature, but it is a little messy. It would have been better for the Armory to actually hold the gear so it doesn't get lost in our already cluttered stash, and it would also free much needed space. But whatever, beggars can't be picky and I will gladly take a feature like this rather than having nothing.

    What is left? Well, the big announcements from Blizzcon 2016, the Necromancer and Challenge Modes. You already told us that the Necromancer and Challenge Modes are coming in the second half of 2017, which in Blizzard terms is probably closer to the end of the year. My guess is that it will be released on or about Season 13, which should be in October sometime. This is conveniently scheduled a month before Blizzcon 2017.

    Why am I concerned about this?

    It gives Blizzard the opportunity to use Blizzcon 2017 to focus on the Necromancer and Challenge Modes, and ignore future plans for the game. They will come out and talk about their most current patch (Necromancer and Challenge Modes), and act like they have solved all of our concerns with the game. Assuming the patch is before Blizzcon 2017, then this will already be old content, and it was announced at the LAST Blizzcon. If the patch is not out by Blizzcon 2017, well, we have an entirely different problem! We want to hear future plans. It is fine if you plan to discuss future Necromancer things, but don't focus on it and assume that all of our concerns have been alleviated.

    We want to hear new plans. We don't want to hear more "re-worked" content or additional damage multipliers on gear.

    We want new content, or significant changes:

    Paragon - This was a fantastic system when it was first implemented. Now it is just a meaningless system where people just dump points into their main stat. You need a system that requires some sort of thought process. Artifacts in WoW seem like they could be implemented as a new Paragon in D3, with some changes.

    End Game - Flavor of the Month compositions, which usually consist of two or three classes, with the norm being one dps. You stated at Blizzcon 2016 that bringing a support should NOT equal more damage than bringing a dps. Yet, nothing has been done, and we continue to see the same boring support compositions. What is a "hack and slash" game with a hero that is attempting to stop the demonic invasion of Sanctuary using a floppy noodle as a weapon with no damage skills?

    Casual v Competitive - D3 is the ONLY game that doesn't have a competitive scene at Blizzcon, and I understand that this genre makes it difficult to have a competitive atmosphere. However, can we at least get a banner or portrait for making a leaderboard? I don't care if it is only a temporary thing until the next season concludes. Maybe implement titles finally? Let us compete for something other than the number of Forgotten Souls that we can acquire in a season. Give us a reason to try.

    Bosses - I think that people forget that D3 bosses have mechanics, because our gear just allows us to steamroll them. Maybe do something that allows bosses to become much more difficult so we can challenge ourselves. How about the equivalent of a GR100 Malthael with an enrage? (this might be considered too WoWish though).

    Achievements - There is actually a leaderboard for achievements, however, it is pretty much "who plays the most in the first 2 days." No skill required, which kind of goes against the idea of achievements. You need a way to make it more difficult, without making it a time sink (i.e. Achievement leaderboards in Season 1 and 2...looking at you 10k bounties). The genre kind of limits this, but I have hope that Blizzard can think of something.

    So again, please announce something at Blizzcon 2017 other than "oh, we just released the Necromancer and we have solved all of the problems our players have....we now have the greatest game of all time."

    Please use Blizzcon as the forum which it is meant to be - a way to reach all of your fans simultaneously and bring us NEW information and plans about upcoming content to our favorite games, not information that was discussed over a year ago. Please don't be a Donald Trump and say "well, we have'll see...and it will be HUGE." We want to hear something new and exciting at Blizzcon. That is why us nerds get so excited for Blizzcon - the thrill of THAT announcement.


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