Again no love for Diablo @ Blizzcon?

  • The last 3-4 Blizzcons were like a hard kick into the plumbs for Diablo fans.

    The Diablo stage years ago that was even smaller than the toilete described the situation perfectly.

    So my question Blizzard, do you hate your game so much that you bring nothing about Diablo at Blizzcon the 4th time in row? -.-

    Maybe its the problem that u hired WOW developer for D3? or maybe theres no motivation bcs theyre no micro transaction or monthly fees?....I dont know.

    But hope u learned from the mistakes of the past and will make Diablo 4 better in every point.

    So hopefully we will get than a "Diablo - whats next" panel every year at Blizzcon with tons of fresh content & informations.

    I'm even willing to pay a monthly fee, like at WOW, if you only bring continous content and stuff for the game.

    But till than I will pass the virtual ticket again, bcs no love for my #1 Blizzard game.

  • Hi, CroDanZ! In order to keep feedback consolidated and organized, be sure to post your thoughts on the main thread. ^.^

    Thank you so much!