what will you run in S12?

  • that's both fun/newish/relatively strong, and easy to reach Conqueror and stash?

    First criteria, I am thinking of HOTA barb or maybe Akkhan Sader (Condemn or Shotgun), but I have never mastered the set dungeons for these classes. I might go Necro again just for the tab.

    S12 is looking really promising if only for the nostalgia.
  • Oh gosh, there's so many choices in Season 12! I should probably go finish Season 11 first, though (yep, I'm a slacker)...

    Legit will probably roll a die to figure out what class I'll be playing. There's just too many choices between too many of my favorite builds (Whirlwind, Delsere's, Shadow's, Blessed Shield, Corpse Explosion, etc). I don't have the time to push leaderboards, but I know I'll have fun either way. :)