Error code 317002 and 34200

  • I keep getting Error code 317002 when i try and start a game with any character, but if i look in the left lower corner at the chat window, it says Error code 34200, what is going on?
  • Hi Friends,

    We are looking in to these errors right now to find out what is going on. Please post steps you have tried here and I will add any we see that do or do not help. We have sent informed the needed parties about the problem, until resolved, I will post updates here with steps that did not help.

    Steps tried:
      Scan and repairReinstallDNS flushCleared all Caches

    Thanks for working with us on this and we hope to have good news soon!

    Note *** Please let us know if things start working again :)

  • Hi again friends,

    We did a few thing son our end, things should be working again. If you run in to any of these errors again, we ask you make a new thread or open a support ticket. We apologize for the problems here and hope you all have fun!