Error 1001

  • I have been having issues conecting i have just purchased necromancer character the game worked find right after unlocking necromancer character but as soon as i i tried to play i keep getting Error Code 1001what is happening and how can i fix it
  • Hey there,

    Before we try anything I do want to say there was an authentication issues shortly before you made this post causing slow or failed login attempts across all of our servers, it lasted about 20-30 minutes but should be fine at this time.

    If you are able to play normally now, disregard the rest of this reply:

    Make Sure your OS and Video Drivers are up to date:

    For AMD video cards go here.
    For Intel go here.
    For all Nvidia Video cards go here.

    Try doing an extended power cycle on your system. Turn off all devices including the modem. Wait 20 minutes, turn on the modem, wait 5 minutes, turn on any network devices, wait 2 minutes, turn on your computer and try the game.

    You can try switching your DNS settings to use Google's free public DNS servers instead of your ISPs Servers.

    Let's reset the in game user options:
    1. Click the blue bnet icon on the bnet app.
    2. Choose settings, then game settings.
    3. Click the reset in game user options button under the correct game listing.
    4. Confirm the changes and close the window.

    Run the Scan and Repair tool.

    Try running your system in selective startup mode.