Error code 1016 during Greater Rift

  • I just started a greater Rift today at 7:00 AM, got about 10 minutes in and suddenly an error code pops up and signs me out of Diablo 3.
  • Howdy!

    Error code 1016 is a general disconnection error code, it means the connection to the server has been disconnected.

    I'd recommend the following to help troubleshoot this error:
    - [url=""]Power Cycle Network Devices [/url]
    - [url=""]Flush the DNS Settings. [/url]
    - Swap to Google DNS.

    Notes: If running IPv6, contact your Internet Service Provider(ISP) to change protocol to IPv4.
    - We have also seen disabling Chroma (Razer Synapse) help resolve this issue. You can always attempt to update your Razer software if you use it first before testing disabling the software.

    If the issue continues try running a WinMTR when the issue is at it's worst. Paste the results back here within code blocks.

    Thank you!