• This past few days i encounter lag / latency issue. Tried single pc isolation.
    Restart modem/router, tried to contact my local ISP but no issue found on their end.
    Im playing at ASIA server so i ping and trace taiwan and korea IP.
    Please see links below for your reference.

    As you can see high latency after my local provider.

    Any suggestion and comments from blue post if much appreciated
  • Heyo!

    Took a look into this and as you're in the Philippines, you're likely being affected by the issues caused by the broken undersea cables. More info on that can be found here and here. At the moment, there's not too much that can be done for this apart from waiting for the cables to be fixed which may take about a month unfortunately.
  • Hey Psybot,

    Looking the trace routes, I do see that they are actually reaching the Taiwan and Korean servers. The last IP address in the trace router does show the connection is reaching these game servers network. As Zhyxen mentioned these connections do look to be affected by the broken undersea cable. Till that cable is fixed these connections may experience issue.