i cannot run 64 bit

  • hello
    I install new window 10 64 bit

    I can play diablo 3 only in 32 bit but cannot play in 64 bit
    that I am run diablo 3 in 64 bit my screen is black and my computer is hang

    please help me
  • Hey, Dominica!

    Can you please collect a DXDIAG and post it here using the Code Blocks button in the posting options. Just make sure the full DXDIAG contents are between the code tags.
  • The issue is likely your security software blocking the Diablo 3 64-bit executable from launching properly. I would recommend disabling your security software (IObit and any others you have running) to see if it helps. If it does not, I would recommend temporarily uninstalling it to see if it is the cause of the issue. If it is, you will need to configure the software to allow the 64-bit executable to run.