Error 1016 / DC

  • I created a post about this yesterday, but it never showed up here. So here I go again:

    When is Blizzard going to address the Code 1016 / DC issue?

    -Despite the problem being worldwide over multiple ISPs
    -Despite over 67 threads on the matter when you do a "search" on the Tech forum (and more each day)
    -Despite there being 15 threads on the first three pages of the forums (and more each day)
    -Despite players saying their computers / ISPs have NO issues with any other games
    -Despite the fact that Diablo 3 did not have this widespread issue until a patch was pushed

    Blizz / Blues have still taken the stance of "it's not us, it's you (your ISP)."

    Well, it's NOT us. It's YOU.

    We all see it's you because we all played this game on the same ISP's before the glitch started without issue. We all now are playing other games on the same ISPs with no problems now because, well, your game won't work.

    If this large of a portion of your customer base suddenly can't play a game, then YOU need figure out why that suddenly happened- it worked before and doesn't work now.
    I see post after post of people being pushed aside- "It's your ISP's packet loss, out of our hands, in fact maybe out of everyone's"
    Try running a real world business where this amount of your customers are affected by an outage, and see how well it works out.

    All we want.......ALL WE some acknowledgement that you have a problem and are working on it.
    I will happily play your game, and have since Diablo 1. But I seem to recall there was more to Diablo 3 than hitting the "CLOSE" button when I DC constantly.
  • Hey, KIDVENOM89!

    Error 1016 is just the basic disconnection error. Everyone will get this when they disconnect from the game server. It replaced another error that was less obvious. Connection related issues have been around since Diablo 3 was released and will continue to happen. It will be around forever unless some how all internet problems go away for everyone, forever.

    It may seem like a lot of players are having connection issues, but overall it is a very, very small amount of players actually having connection issues. That doesn't make it any less important to help figure out the cause for players.

    I would be more than happy to help you diagnose your issue. You will need to provide some connection info, though.

    Please provide a Trace Route and a Path Ping.

    It has already been stated what Error 1016 is, and what can be done to resolve it. We have helped dozens of people with resolving their 1016 error just today through our customer support contact channels. If you are not willing to troubleshoot the issue with us, or try to resolve the issue on your own, there is not much else that can be done.

    I will have to ask you to stop bumping older threads as it is a violation of forum guidelines.

    I do hope your connection issues are resolved soon.

    The same forum guidelines apply to all of our forums. Just refrain from bumping threads.

    Error 1016 is a generic connection error that is caused by dozens of different problems. It will never go away, as people will always have connection related issues. We are aware of the error and help resolve the issue based on the problem the specific person is having.
  • Hey, Juices!

    The looking glass report is our server connection to you. It will only diagnose server connection issues. They appear to be fine.

    To diagnose your connection, we would need a Trace Route and Path Ping. Go ahead and collect the info and post it here.
  • You connection seems to be fine, also. I noticed in your other thread that you say it almost happens at the same time, every time. Upgrading gems after a grift? Do you notice any stuttering or latency prior to this? Does your screen freeze prior to the disconnection? Is it only on 1 character? Is it only on higher grifts?

    If you have the ability to test other characters, please let me know the outcome. This may be related to a few bugs.