Diablo 3 Killing My Internet Connection

  • I am having inconsistent connection issues while playing Diablo 3.

    - Randomly disconnects from game
    - When game disconnects my modem loses internet connectivity and I have to power cycle the modem to get internet back on
    - Only occurs when I play Diablo 3.
    StarCraft and Overwatch work with no issues

    - Linksys WRT 1900AC ver1.0
    - 5820k GTX 960 16gb DDR
    - Wired gigabit lan

    Troubleshooting steps taken:

    - No firmware update for router: current ver:
    - No driver updates for NIC or any other PC components
    - Port forwarding enabled: TCP 80, 1119, 6881-6999 UDP 119, 6120, 6881-6999
    - Using Google DNS: ,

    What is the deal??? Is it a known issue with Diablo servers?
    I have a hard time believing it is my ISP (Comcast) as other BNET games work just fine.
    Please someone advise!
    This is really frustrating!!
  • Hey Hired!

    We have a sticky post that covers this sort of thing, here. To be clear, if this were a Diablo 3 server issue, the modem would not lose connection, you would simply be disconnected from the game and potentially not be able to log back in due to the server issue. So, if the modem is also losing connection, then it would indicate an issue with the modem, not the game, servers or your system. My best advice would be to contact your ISP to see if they can replace the modem for you.