UI Bug

  • I just started playing again tonight, it's been going good so far, but i just come across a UI bug.


    It happened when i Alt+Tab to chrome to check a twitch stream i was listening to while i played. When i returned to the game i encountered the bug in the screenshot above.

    If this happens again, is there a way to fix it without leaving the game, perhaps a refresh hotkey or command? I tend to explore the whole map uncovering the shroud, and leaving game removes my progress.
  • Hey there Slacker!

    Took a look over the screenshot and if we're not already, we'd suggest playing in Windowed (Fullscreen). If you're on regular fullscreen mode, then the issue may be caused by the transition to the desktop settings. Having it in Windowed or Windowed (Fullscreen) should use the same settings as the desktop.

    If you do notice the issue, try changing the display mode to Windowed and back to Fullscreen rather than closing the game to see if that resolves the issue.