Game missing a shortcut

  • When I load D3 through the blizzard desktop ap. It acts as if the game is loading, the game icon even appears in my task bar. but it never shows the opening screen. it remains down in my toolbar. when I try to open the supposedly active game from the toolbar it wont move up to the main window, and if I close the game it says my shortcut is either missing or gone.
    Ive tried to find where to re-download D3 so I could uninstall the version I have and get a fresh download from the blizzard website but I cant seem to find where to Download the game without buying it all over again.
    Can someone please help Me to figure this out?

  • Hey Ryuubushi!

    If D3 is launching but not displaying, you can find some troubleshooting for that on this thread, here. As for uninstalling and reinstalling the game, that can all be done through the Blizzard App (no need to purchase the game or install from the website). Likewise, you should be launching the game through the app, not from the .exe shortcut.