Crash On Launch

  • Here is my crash report code:


    When I start the game, my cursor changes to the in-game one for just a moment over a black screen until the game crashes about one second later. I attempted repairing game files but it changed nothing.
  • Heyo!

    Took a look over the crash logs tied to that code and the main thing that looked off was the Nvidia driver that was being reported: 8.2.1952.0. That driver version looks to be part of some DisplayLink drivers rather than from Nvidia themselves. If you have any DisplayLink hardware or software installed, we'd suggest removing them and giving the game a try. The article here may help with that.

    The DxDiag does report the actual Nvidia driver version and they do look to be slightly out of date. So that we're on the latest drivers, let's go ahead and pick those up here.
  • @capitanbala
    Based on your crash logs I'd probaly look into removing Avast and giving the game another try:
    <code>DBG-MODULE<00007FF9C7B20000 00033000 "aswhooka.dll" </code>
    We've seen some conflicts with security in the past and in some cases we've seen the game mode features on Avast cause problems. We'd want to look into removing Avast rather than just disabling it as the latter can leave behind background processes that may still conflict with the game.
  • @Matthew
    Took a look over the crash logs for those codes and the main thing we're seeing are the Nvidia drivers which look to be on version 353.62 which was released July 2015. Let's grab the latest drivers here and give the game another try.
  • @Glenjamin69
    is your crash occurring when you start the game or while you're playing? The main thing that I saw in the crash logs that might cause problems is the Razer software. Can you try uninstalling the Razer software and giving the game another try?
  • @Glenjamin69
    Glad to hear and thanks for the update ^_^